[r-t] Compositions of the decade - minor - addition

Matthew Frye matthew__100 at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 1 18:15:50 UTC 2010

> Wasn't this in the diary thirty years ago? (I don't have a current one
> at all, nor even an old one handy, to check.)

It's certainly not in the current diary, can't say about anything older.

> I realised I had missed off a noteable composition from the minor
section of the "compositions of the decade" series.

Regardless of it's originality (lack thereof), is this really that notable? And does it deserve to come under the heading compositions of the decade? There's nothing very original here apart from the intention to end with as many homes as possible, and I was not aware that "most boring ending possible" was a criteria for a good composition, even if the first half could be interesting. I see that it could be a useful composition to bring out in specific circumstances but there must be more interesting (multi-extent) compositions of PB minor out there.
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