[r-t] Exhausted search spaces

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Wed Feb 3 19:20:22 UTC 2010

Alexander Holroyd wrote:

>> Having said that, setting up a page on the wiki for people to record what
>> their searches in popular methods have exhausted (specifying the
>> constraints) is not a bad idea. If people on this list are prepared to
>> contribute, I'll create a page to start it off.
> Sounds like a good idea!

I don't think it does.  What does it actually achieve. 
Suppose I do an exhaustive search of ordinary length 
tenors-together peals of (say) Cornwall.  Assuming the list 
of compositions was very long (as I guess it would be), I 
would probably extract a few that looked pleasing and 
publish them and ditch the rest.  How does knowing that I've 
done this help anyone else?


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