[r-t] Viking D Royal [was Exhausted search spaces]

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Sun Feb 7 19:44:43 UTC 2010

Graham writes,

> His method is efficient and highly effective, demonstrating that good tools
> need good operators!

Hear hear!

Don adds,

> That's the sort of stuff I was including in my statement
>   "It may also be worth noting that I spent about 65 minutes tinkering
>    by hand, and running 18 other searches before settling on this
>    one."

Of course, makes sense. Just what I do!

Interested by your insistence on starting with the plain course. I think 
you can slightly increase the music counts and reduce "duffer 
transitions" by splitting it into two, like this one, without much loss 
of elegance:

   5040 Viking Delight Royal arr. MBD

   23456   M  W  H
   52436      -
   32465   S  S
  (64523)  -  -  a
   35426   -     -
   34256      -  2
   54263   S  S
  (24365)  -     a
   53462   -     -
  (65432)     -  a
   23456   -  -  -

   a = B,V,F,B.

Well, I don't know how much of an improvement that is, but not worth 
ruling out, surely?


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