[r-t] Hyperthreading [was Exhausted search spaces]

Simon Humphrey sh at keystrata.co.uk
Mon Feb 8 10:26:27 UTC 2010

Mark (and Graham) wrote: 

<hyperthreading stuff>

It turns out that on my machine, with hyperthreading enabled,
(a) a single instance of SMC32 produces 5.65m comps in 6 mins, a 2.7%
improvement compared with HT disabled
(b) two instances of SMC32 running the same PB6 search produce a total
of 6.12m comps produced in 6 mins, an increase of 11.3%

So as you say, disabling hyperthreading was counterproductive, if only

Since I'm now putting a new machine on the to-do list, I guess
processor speed is the main determinant of SMC performance.  I don't
run any other CPU intensive applications these days.
Cheapest GHz on the market seems to be an AMD Phenom X4 3.4 at the
moment. Any thoughts?


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