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Mon May 17 14:22:55 UTC 2010

Alex Tatlow wrote:

> I'm relatively new to composition, and although I've managed
> to learn through trial and error not to include some courses,
> such as that ending 32456 for Yorkshire Major, I'd quite like
> and explanation about method falseness and FCHs. At the
> moment most of my TD compositions are through trial and error,
> rather than really knowing why it doesn't work, and I'd quite
> like to know what it is that makes them false. Does such a
> publication, or website, exist that explains simply about method
> falseness etc?

I think Glenn Taylor explained it well. If you want to get the false course
heads of a method I would (of course!) suggest using my Method Master
program. This will show you the in course (bobs only), out of course (bobs
and singles) and, on 8 bells, the split tenors falseness. It also shows
which leads are false against which others. It can also do the same for the
falseness between methods. A listing of the FCH groups is included in the
on-line help of the program. My web site with further details and examples
is www.shropshirelad.idps.co.uk

Chris Adams
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