[r-t] Diamond Delight (was Are FCH's needed any more?)

Don Morrison dfm at ringing.org
Sun May 23 11:46:56 UTC 2010

On Sun, May 23, 2010 at 4:27 AM, Mark Davies <mark at snowtiger.net> wrote:
> I'm slightly puzzled though, since I thought I
> looked on your site first, feeling sure you'd have something good, and
> didn't find anything. Eye failure on my part presumably...

No failure at all. Last night I worked out and added the one parts,
and figured out that the three part was good for Diamond, too, in
response to your message.

> The three-part 5184 is very neat. It must have come up in my searches, but I
> think a long way down since it has relatively little LB music;

I don't think it's all that bad on the little bell count, especially
for such part ends. By my reckoning it's only got six fewer than
yours, if you count them both at the back and at the front:

			   MBD 1-part      DFM 3-part
	      1234s             4
	      4321s             6             12
	      2345s             7
	      5432s            11             16
	      3456s             8              6
	      6543s            10
	      4567s             6              6

1234s off the front             7             10
4321s off the front             6             12
2345s off the front             3              3
5432s off the front             6              5
3456s off the front             3              2
6543s off the front             4              1
4567s off the front             2              3
7654s off the front             1              1

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