[r-t] Diamond Delight (was Are FCH's needed any more?)

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Sun May 23 08:27:52 UTC 2010

Hi Don,

Fantastic compositions! I'm slightly puzzled though, since I thought I 
looked on your site first, feeling sure you'd have something good, and 
didn't find anything. Eye failure on my part presumably...

The three-part 5184 is very neat. It must have come up in my searches, 
but I think a long way down since it has relatively little LB music; but 
certainly if you are searching for back-bell combinations, it is superb. 
Did it ever get rung? I can definitely think of some bands who would 
like it.

The first one-part is probably my least favourite - again less LB music, 
and certainly too much split-tenors stuff for my band! Interesting in 
its own right though.

The last one hits the spot for me. Very similar to what I was looking 
for, and to me really shows off the possibilities of the method, and how 
to avoid the falseness. It has the edge on my 5024 for music counts, 
with the only drawbacks being the higher number of split-tenors courses, 
and a slight oddity in the distribution of music, with all the LB stuff 
near the start. Superb stuff though, as usual Don!

I admit defeat again, on quantity if not definitely on quality. ;-)


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