[r-t] 56 singles, (was Diamond Delight Major)

Rebecca Cox r.j.cox at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu May 27 09:33:17 UTC 2010

Mark Davies wrote: 

>> There's a very simple and worthwhile 3 part of Diamond Delight which uses 56 singles

> But Tony - why isn't this in the G&B collection??!

Because we don't ring such methods; as Alan says it's simply a trivial variation with only its name to recommend it; Diamond Surprise has much more to recommend it, thought it still has tricky falseness.

Don Morrison commented

>[56 singles] can be used to good effect in Cambridge Major, too, allowing you
>to get all the 56s and 65s into a relatively simple, tenors together

>   <http://ringing.org/main/pages/dfm/major/single-surprise/cambridge#4161>

>It is entertaining to note that using 456 singles to combine the three
>in course 56 courses with the three out of course 65 courses gives you
>an exceedingly simple and tidy quarter true to all of the standard 8 +
>Glasgow and Belfast, except Rutland.

1456 singles also allow 3 part tenors together compositions of Cambridge which I'm not seen published elsewhere
For example 
5184 Cambridge S Major
B M W H 23456
      - 42356
x     S 42536
    - S 53462
    -   65432
     -   S 24563
  -   - 35462
S     - 35426
x     2 23564
Repeat twice, S = 1456
60 crus, inc 16 56s & 4 65s, 2 8765s, 3 8756s, 46 LB4, tittums
Off front: 10 5678s, 6 6578s, 28 LB4

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