[r-t] Composing challenge - 1788 Plain Bob Maximus

Philip Earis Earisp at rsc.org
Sun Nov 14 17:04:06 UTC 2010

Here's a composing challenge that I've been playing around with a bit this afternoon. A prize is on offer for the best solution...

For a historic commemorative reason, I need a touch of 1788 plain bob maximus. I would like this to be 'pure' (ie no splicing with little bob!) and relatively simple, with a maximum of two types of call if possible.

Now 1788 changes equates to 74.5 leads. A logical way to start would be with the tenor in the hunt, with a call to swap it with the treble after 5.5 leads.

I did this with a 3T call, bringing up:

then I used just 4ths place bobs:

1T2E09876543 (5b)
1ET209876543 (10p b)
1354267890ET (8p b 8p)
1524367890ET (p 8b)
1342567890ET (p 7b p)
1423567890ET (8b p)
1234567890ET (8b p)

Whilst this works, plain bob's a-group nature causes some serious constraints. 
I wonder if there's a better, innovative approach. Ideas very welcome. 

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