[r-t] Composing challenge - 1788 Plain Bob Maximus

Peter Hinton peter at hinton.me.uk
Mon Nov 15 15:29:49 UTC 2010

This uses three calls, but here it is anyway.

Start with tenor in hunt, then have a 56 call after 6 changes, to put the treble 
into the hunt.  This brings up lead end 186T4E290735.
Call 4 Befores, to get the 10th back in place and leave a whole number of 
courses required.
Then call two more blocks of four: HW97 8MHW, to get back to the plain course.
This gives 996 changes.
Add three more courses by calling BSBS at Home.


 > ... relatively simple, with a maximum of two types of call if possible.

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