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Hayden Charles hcharles at grandsire.co.uk
Sat Oct 16 09:21:27 UTC 2010

Richard Smith wrote on 16/10/2010 02:10:
> By using a Parker splice to get both 2nds and 6ths place lead ends, A.G.
> Driver produced a three-part arrangement with six methods -- the
> so-called 'Cambridge six'. (Incidentally, I was slightly surprised to
> see no mention of Driver's work composing spliced minor in his obituary
> in the RW a fortnight ago [RW 2010, p1000].)

Might be because the Albert Driver who did so much work on spliced minor 
died in 1941. See potted biography on the first page of 'Intermediate 
Spliced Treble Bob Minor' by Michael Foulds.

Hayden Charles

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