[r-t] 147 TDMM

Hayden Charles hcharles at grandsire.co.uk
Sat Oct 16 11:27:29 UTC 2010

Richard Smith wrote on 16/10/2010 11:38:
> Hayden Charles wrote:
>> the Albert Driver who did so much work on spliced minor died in 1941.
> Thanks for that. I had been surprised at how young that would have made
> him when we was composing spliced minor, but I figured there was no good
> reason why he shouldn't have done all of his composing in his late teens
> / early twenties and then lost interested in it during the war. But two
> different people makes much more sense. Albert G Driver can't be all
> that common a name. Do you know whether they were father and son?

RW Obit of the Norfolk Albert Driver says his father was Frederick and 
that Albert took over from his father as tower captain at Redgrave on 
father's death in 1939. The surprise minor Albert Driver was a tram 
driver in London.

I met the Norfolk one once and will confess I also wondered if he was 
the composer, so you are not the only one to be confused. Perhaps the CC 
should set up a ringers' names committee to avoid confusion in a similar 
way to that done for actors by Equity.


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