[r-t] FW: Which Method? - RW Centenary 24-bell Touch

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Sun Apr 24 08:26:43 UTC 2011

Originally posted to change-ringers on 10 April, but copied here for the
I was wondering whether there was a neat way of expressing the RW Centenary
touch as a method or touch of spliced. Of course there will be more than one
way to do this, but interestingly the one below achieves it using two
regular symmetrical methods and one regular principal.

RW Centenary Alliance Twenty-four
MN.1N-1N (j8)
RW Centenary Little Alliance Twenty-four
&MN-KN-HN.1B.FN-1BCN-AN.18.EN-189N-7N-5N-3N-1N (j8)
Forward Twenty-four 34-34.1N (241638507T9BEDAGCJFLHNKM)

Ring the first halflead of RW Centenary Alliance Twenty-four (30 changes)
followed by 12 leads (divisions) of Forward Twenty-four (48 changes)
34-34.1N repeated 11 times
then the second halflead of RW Centenary Little Alliance Twenty-four (23
changes minus 1 as it comes round at the leadend)


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