[r-t] 5042 Cambridge Maximus - avoiding a dodgy wrong finish

Robert Lee rlee5040 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 26 22:03:55 UTC 2011

GACJ wrote:

 >Nevertheless, most compositions of
>Cambridge have a course with not much music somewhere, so why particularly
>focus on lack of music in the last course?  In the case of the JWH
>composition PJE rang, it is the second course that does not have much to

>Also, how you compare these essentially fairly similar compositions comes
>down to the subtlety of how you rate different musical features. For
>example, I tend to look for 56 & 65 roll ups and the longer runs before the
>4 bell runs. The JWH composition you rang, while having a high 4 bell run
>count, doesn't do so well on the 65432s (6) or 765432s (1), or 56s/65s
>(9/2). The JSW compositions PJE listed fare much better on this basis.

 >While not claiming that finishing with a call at Wrong is a musical finish,
>the overall  musical content of the compositions below are as good as the
>best of the 7-8 fixed compositions PJE listed.

There are enough 12 bell compositions now which avoid having one duffer
course lurking in its entirety. By finishing with sW you can't avoid this - 
not only does 42356 offer nothing, the preceding half course (whatever it is) 
will also be devoid of any music. 

52346 is an easier and more musical finish, and losing half the
plain course (by necessity) is a worthwhile sacrifice in my opinion. I can't
get too excited about the additional 765432's or 56 rollups of the plain course 
- familiarity breeds contempt. 

It's for these reasons that I've preferred to finish with 52346 in recent years. 
particular, Cornock's coda is sublime - the procession from 87654's to 876543's
finishing with 56's at the finale. If you haven't tried this, do. Simple, 
yet brilliantly original.

Incidentally, I can't see what's wrong with the 2nd course of JWH's peal - 65432 

has the little bells coursing at the back (no individual rollups but a pleasing 
effect), followed by 54632 giving 7654's off the back.

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