[r-t] Another Superlative QP

James Holdsworth james at theholdsworths.org.uk
Wed Feb 23 13:56:23 UTC 2011

I'm surprised nobody's mentioned snap start, 6 middles yet. Certainly as easy as they come, and with 12 56's and 8765's and 20 little bell runs front and back, quite hard to beat.

Another easy one is 3(bvfbh) - 18 56's and 8765's at the back, though lacking somewhat in little bell runs and music off the front.

I do like the look of Ian Fielding's 1280 and Paul Flavell's rather exciting composition though.


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From: Thomas Perrins
Date: 23/02/11 13:23

> Another fairly nice comp we rang recently was:
> 1,280 Superlative S Major
> 23456
> 45236 W, H
> 34562 B, 2H
> 34625 W, B
> 23456 B, 2H
> Again containing the whole mega tittums course plus loads of runs, and can
> almost be remembered as a 2 part; only substituting a B for an H.
> Tom.

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