[r-t] Variable Treble Cyclic (Surprise) Major

David Mattingley biggerdav at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 14 17:49:13 UTC 2011


Back in 2007 I'd been working for a quarter peal length of cyclic Surprise Major that was easy to ring. By coincidence, PJE submitted a list of possible calls to bring up cyclic course-heads at about the same time. In this instance, I'd cobbled together a simple 7-part (CC-BC-BC-). Three befores to bring up 17823456. It served it's purpose.

Now I'm interested in a variable-treble version, again, simplicity and elegance would be the aim.

So far I have (for type b methods):
P S P P P S P P P B: 78123456
S = 34
B = 14

This suits me just fine, as all the bells become the hunt bell, and it's straight-forward. I suppose it's not a true cyclic as only half the possible cyclic course-heads are rung (a semi-cyclic?).

The composition is true with a touch of spliced - I've used Superlative and Lincolnshire. But it would be vastly improved with a better method selection.

Can this construction be used to a single method to produce a 1280?

Is there a better constuction that could be used to better effect? Could 81234567 be brought up in five leads?

Many thanks.

David Mattingley

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