[r-t] Standard 147 Minor All The Work

John Warboys john.warboys at lineone.net
Tue Jul 19 17:47:21 UTC 2011

Both Richard Smith and I have previously produced all-the-work compositions
of 20160 changes comprising all the standard 147 Treble Dodging Minor
methods, and these have been rung on both handbells and tower bells.  But
what about those of us who don't like ringing long lengths, what's the best
way to ring all 147 methods all-the-work?


I don't believe normal-length all-the-work compositions are possible for any
of the four method groups individually, but I thought I would try to split
up the composition of 20160 changes into 4 separate peals which together
would include all 147 methods, and after considerable effort I have managed
to succeed in this quest.  The four compositions, each of 5040 changes, can
now be found on my website.




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