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Matt Dawson matt.dawson at cantab.net
Thu Jul 28 00:04:18 UTC 2011

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Date: 27 July 2011 17:30
Subject: Re: [r-t] true call-change touches
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On 27 July 2011 15:48, Simon Humphrey <sh53246 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have been assigned the enviable task of calling call-changes on 8 for an
> hour and 40 minutes on Sunday.
> Is there an easy systematic way to generate a musical touch which is "true",
> i.e. never returning to a row previously rung, with only one pair of bells
> being swapped at a time?  Some adaptation of the old Plain Changes, perhaps?

Something rule based seems to me like a good idea, for ease of calling
if anything else. How about something along the lines of:

| Call the treble to hunt back and forth (up to 7ths if you'd like to
keep the tenor behind).
| At each "half lead", call the second up towards the back.
| When it gets there, call the third out a change, and then, at the
next "half lead", start calling the second back in again.
| When the second gets back to the front, call the third out another change.
| When the third finally gets to the back, call the fourth out a change...

...And so forth, until you've rung for 1h40 or have reached the
extent. Unfortunately, I have no idea whether this will (a) generate
an extent or (b) be true. Is this how the Plain Changes worked on 5,
by the way?

Alternatively, the rules for 60 on 3rds (not dissimilar to the above)
only give you 210 changes, but you could repeat for Tittums as well as
Queens (or in fact any change of the form 1??????8). Truth could be
ensured by going Rounds -> Queens -> (209 changes) -> 13572648 ->
Tittums -> (209 changes) -> 15263478 -> Rounds. That should be a true


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