[r-t] New major frameworks - Tom Perrins

Philip Earis Earisp at rsc.org
Sat Jun 18 14:35:07 UTC 2011

The talented Mr Perrins has been at work again, producing some attractive new major frameworks.  

Tenors-together major is about as well-ploughed a field as you'll find, but Tom keeps thinking afresh with interesting results.  I mentioned his 10-part major earlier this year (http://www.bellringers.net/pipermail/ringing-theory_bellringers.net/2011-January/003720.html), but he's recently produced a couple of interesting new approaches.

Motivated by a desire for a simple handbell framework for spliced coupled with little-bell music, Tom has come up with a nice simple 8-part format for the Pitman's 4 methods:

5120 Spliced S Major (4m)
Thomas M Perrins
23456 M W H
54632 s - s  CSS.C.L.
34625 s s    L.BBBBBB.L
25643 s -[s] CSC.S.SSC
8 part, calling [s] in 4 and 8 only,
3-4 & 5-6 course for all the Bristol and all but 4 leads of the London.

The structure is very suited to handbells, with adjacent pairs being preserved, and yet strangely little-utilized so far: most existing tenors-together "handbell-motivated" compositions have either been 1-parts or multi-parts tending to keep one pair fixed at the part-ends, such as 3 parts rotating 234. A quick search shows Don Morrison has a couple of compositions using the same concept to Tom, but there are surely further possibilities here. 

5120 (5,024) Bristol Surprise Major
Donald F Morrison (no. 4061)
23456  M  B  W  H   
32456           2*  
65324     -  s      
24653     -  5      
45362  2  -         
25643  s  -     1   
Repeat three times.
2* = s -; 5 = s - - s -. 

5120 Plain Bob Major
Donald F Morrison (no. 4058)
23456  W  B  M  H  
42635  -     -     
35264  -  2  2     
26534     3  s  2  
Repeat seven times, calling - for s in two parts half a peal apart. 

Tom's 8-part format arguably has the closest conceptual similarities to "winking up" constructions, including the royal composition mentioned on here in April this year (http://www.bellringers.net/pipermail/ringing-theory_bellringers.net/2011-April/003779.html).

Tom has also been working on Cambridge Major, producing very neat, tidy compositions with repeat callings. Lots of elegance - indeed they seem almost too neat to be original - have similar things been done before?
5184 Cambridge Major
Thomas Perrins
23456    V  B  W  F  H
36425    s  s     -  s
65432    s  s     -  s
34562          s     s
34625       -        -
34256       -        -
6 part, calling s for - halfway and end
Contains    24 x 5678s off the front; 12 x 5678s, 8765s, 6578s at the back

5120 / 1344 Cambridge Surprise Major
Thomas Perrins
23456 V B F H
36425 -   s -
54236 -   -
45362   -   s
54623   -   s
45236   -   s
54362   -   s
45623   -   s
5 Part, for 5120.
For 1344, replace the  first 4 parts with: V, F, H, B, H.

Incidentally, the compositions  were first posted (as graphics files!) on Tom's facebook page - a rather fleeting and undiscoverable approach to disseminating information. Tom has confirmed he's happy for me to distribute them more widely...


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