[r-t] Definition of a call

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Fri Jun 10 13:52:11 UTC 2011

edward martin wrote:

> You neglected to mention that Holt's 720 also appears in 
> Shipway's tome (part 2 page 22) where Shipway speaks very 
> highly of it, once more demonstrating that you are on the 
> money.

I must admit, I've not studied Shipway's Campanalogia in 
much detail, and hadn't been aware that the composition 
appeared in it.  Thanks for drawing my attention to it! 
Hopefully I can rectify that soon as I've just ordered a 
copy of the 1886 Bell News reprint of it.

> What I suppose happened is that when the Central Council 
> was founded and began to pigeon hole everything they 
> decided that this stuff was not cricket

That would be my guess too, though it's possible it was 
already dying out by 1890 when the CC was founded. 
Bannister's 1874 book does not include it, though he devotes 
less than two sides to Bob Minor.  I'm not sure what other 
books there were during the period 1852-1890, but it would 
be interesting to know whether any of them include 
compositions along these lines.


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