[r-t] Bobs-Only Treble Dodging Minor

John Warboys john.warboys at lineone.net
Thu May 19 19:02:38 UTC 2011

Further to the compositions I produced a couple of months ago allowing the
standard 41 Surprise Minor to be rung in a peal length using bobs only, I
have now produced equivalent compositions for the 35 4ths Place Delight and
42 3rds Place Delight method groups from the standard 147 (my compositions
for the 29 Treble Bob method group were already bobs-only).  All the
compositions have no 65's at backstroke and most of them consist of 3-part


All compositions can now be found on my website:




There is also a PDF document accessible from the home page explaining the
building blocks used for each composition which may be of interest to some -
a common feature of almost all the compositions is the use of complementary
grids across extents.



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