[r-t] Double Cambridge cyclic bob Minor

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Sun May 22 10:10:43 UTC 2011

Graham John wrote:

> Double Cambridge Cyclic Bob Minor was first rung in a peal 
> by the CUG on 23 Mar 2003. The report suggests two 
> extents, but more likely a 1440. Both PJE and RAS rang in 
> it so may be able to confirm.

Certainly the email sent round two days before the peal with 
the details suggested that it would be a 1440.

> However, in this case, the name was not really in doubt 
> given that it is a clear contraction of the higher stages.

Maybe not.  Before that peal, only DCCB Major was named. 
I'm sure that will turn out to have indefinite extensions, 
other than the obvious one, that are all equally good under 
the CC decisions.  Only one will contract to give DCCB 
Minor, and it seems quite possible that DCCB Minor will have 
other extensions too.  So it would have been possible to 
have named DCCB Minor something else.


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