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>  Eddie
> I am sorry I did not make myself clear.  I intended to suggest using the 18
> course block only once and adding simple courses of original for the rest of
> the composition.  I think that could work.
> Colin, what you wrote was perfectly clear, I just misunderstood!!
I think this approach might well work, I have several comps of Grandsire
Triples where to get a bobs only  5040would need several leads of what used
to be known as 'New Grandsire' but is now considered to be Grandsire but
starting at a different place (to ring this in the middle of ordinary
Grandsire, without altering the treble as hunt bell, presumably the
conductor is supposed to call  "Go Grandsire but starting in a different
place ...or words to that effect) This technique has been known by composers
dating back to at least Stedman's time before we bothered with methods being
defined by their plain courses.

Eddie Martin

Eddie Martin
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