[r-t] Another 10-part peal of Spliced S Major

Simon Gay Simon.Gay at glasgow.ac.uk
Mon Nov 14 15:32:46 UTC 2011

A while ago on this list, Philip Earis drew attention to an interesting
10-part composition of the Standard 8 Surprise Major by Thomas Perrins:


The same idea works out very neatly for a simple composition of the
"Nottingham 8":

5120 Spliced Surprise Major (8m)
Simon J. Gay

B M W H            23456
*     2  LEVVL.B.  34256
   - -    OO.C.B    52643
- -   -  SG.GS.CE. 65432

10 part, adding a bob at * (between VV) in alternate parts.

640 each Bristol, Cambridge, Cassiobury (O), Cornwall (V),
          Glasgow, Lessness (E), London, Superlative

129 changes of method.

Simon Gay

The University of Glasgow, charity number SC004401

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