[r-t] Old DNCB composition

Richard Allton rchat at allton.org.uk
Fri Nov 11 16:03:26 UTC 2011

The 13440 is not a 6720 doubled by a pair of singles, it is a 13440 using
only 2 singles.

Bobs only, using calls at 1 4 6 and therefore Q-sets of calls, only 59
courses are possible (6608). The 6624 uses 3 calls at 5 to gain the extra
60th course end, with the sacrifice of 2 leads per use. The end result is
still one lead longer that the 6608 achievable without calls affecting the

At that time, many composers only used singles where necessary, and if used
then kept the number to a minimum. 


>Not that I can see. They just double the basic length of 6,720 which is 
>the important bit in relation to Lindoff's 6,624.


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