[r-t] A plea for help

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Mon Apr 30 21:55:37 UTC 2012

JEC writes,

> But not everyone reads messages via the archive.  Indeed, Squiff, you may be
> the only one.

I'm on the digest, which also didn't get the attachments; I presume they 
didn't come through in the individual mails? No matter I suppose, 
although it would be nice if the list software could automatically strip 
out attachments, add them to the website, and forward as a link. I'm 
sure I remember this happening in the dim-and-distant past!

Meanwhile I've uploaded the four main searches to my webspace:

http://methodlab.ws/ftp/double_x_18_14_58_36.zip (124KB)
http://methodlab.ws/ftp/double.zip (938KB)
http://methodlab.ws/ftp/rightplace.zip (1996KB)

The results do seem correct as far as I can tell. Double Helix itself is 
included in the third set of search results, in the form of the 
following TV, which has an identical path for the three trebles:


Here are a few more Double methods from more amusingly-restricted 
searches, in particular with no cross changes:

Finding Double methods from PN set ("18", "34", "56", "16", "38") 
All done - 4 found.

Finding Double methods from PN set ("18", "14", "54", "34", "56") 
All done - 4 found.

Finding Double methods from PN set ("18", "12", "34", "56", "78") 
All done - 9 found.

The 5th and 6th methods from the third list are particularly 
entertaining - the grid of the three trebles in the latter is very 
blocky, up-and-down-steps, as you'd expect from the place notation, but 
in contrast that of the 5th method is quite dynamic and spiky.

So, I am interested in what Philip's project may be. 45-spliced 
Differential silent-and-non-conducted in hand perhaps? I am sure there 
is no danger in telling us - it's unlikely to be something any other 
band will ring first. :-O


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