[r-t] Method symmetry

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Thu Aug 23 10:38:19 UTC 2012

Ander writes,

> In particular that would seem to necessitate an asymmetric method,
> therefore it would in particular answer my original question.  Again,
> there are some silly examples such as
> 3478.1478.1258.1256.1456.3458 (which is true).
> but I doubt whether there is anything more sensible.

Ooh, clever idea. But how about this - it is fairly sensible, and (I 
think) manages to marry the two types of reflective symmetry together in 
the same method, whilst maintaining truth:

   -1-5.4.5 = 12647583

It happens to have a symmetric place notation, despite the fact that the 
treble (plus the other hunt bells, 2 and 4) do not have "well-formed" paths.


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