[r-t] Emergency peal composition

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Mon Dec 3 23:17:18 UTC 2012

You can get a decent peal using the 8th's place bob idea coupled with 
rung methods from the Bristol stable. Littleport is especially useful if 
you want a short transition between the two calls. For example:

5008/5080 3-spliced Surprise Fourteen (MBD)

   3527496E8A0BT Bristol Little
   ABET907856342 Bristol
   BTA0E89674523 Bristol Little *
   42638507T9BEA Bristol *
   648203T5B7A9E Littleport Little *
x 795E3ABT20486 Bristol
x 5739BEAT20486 Littleport Little
   08T6E4927A5B3 Bristol
   AB234567890ET Bristol

x = 18
Replace the three starred leads with two leads of Bristol in even parts 
for 5080, or odd parts for 5008.

I'm sure more elegant arrangements are possible.


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