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Robert Lee rlee5040 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 10 14:11:07 UTC 2012

Like Philip I've been wanting to see a 480 run composition for a few years now and it's fantastic that this 

has been achieved. Many congratulations to Alan and the band who rang it - no doubt it sounded glorious
at Ditcheat (perhaps only slightly less so at Pip n' Jay).

One point Philip doesn't address which I think is worthy of mention is the clever link method Seven Stars
DLH, modelled on Deva Surprise. As the half lead of Deva is in a mega tittums position, which would be
false in a cyclic composition, Alan simply omits the two changes across the half lead to simultaneously
remove false rows and provide an 8-bell shunt.

As Philip says there is minor duplication across the method 'selection', although this is very much the nature 

of the beast at this level and it's probably fair that such quibbles are retained until there is some competition 

in the field. As far as further criticisms go I think such a composition deserves better method names than 

Commercial Rooms and Knight's Templar (there must be better unnamed alehouses in Bristol?), and that's about it.

>Regarding other avenues - Rob Lee has an alternative and extremely attractive 
>"natural" cyclic 8-part framework where each call changes the treble, but as far 
>as I'm aware he hasn't yet managed to use this to achieve the same 480-run 
>property as Alan.  Perhaps he'd be happy to share his progress to date?

Happy to oblige - a prototype is below. Unlike in Alan's composition I'm keen to retain 'pure' treble dodging methods 
without resorting to little methods and links (if possible) - not a criticism per se but merely a personal preference.

5120 Spliced Surprise Major (10m)                      

    12345678    a    Ashes            34x5.6x56x6x4x5.4x4.7    
    13527486    e    Tannington       x5x6x5x36.4x4.3x56x5    
    14263857    c    Bradenham        3x5.4x2x3.2x2.5.4x34.5    
    15738264    c    Bradenham                
    16482735    e    Tannington                
    17856342    a    Ashes       
x   81674523    a    Taurus           5x5.4.5x5.36x34x3x4x5    
    86412735    c    Calthorpe        x5x4x2x36x2x5x6x5    
    83527416    b    Preston          36x56.4.5x5.6x34x5x2x1    
x   78156342    a    Anodyne    
    71684523    b    Potomac          x34x4x56x3x2x5x2x1    
    74263158    f    Glucinium       
x   67142835    d    Braughing        3x3.6x56x6x34x6x2.36.1    
x   56831274    d    Braughing                
x   45273168    f    Glucinium                
    47512836    b    Potomac                
    42356781    a    Anodyne                
x   34628517    b    Preston                
    38167452    c    Calthorpe                
    35274168    a    Taurus                
x   23456781 

8 part, x = x instead of 12 at lh
15 xxxx1234/xxxx4321 etc                        
16 1234xxxx/4321xxxx etc  

In terms of further development I have improved the count up to 78/96 run types at the moment - already enough 
to sneak over the total of the 7 part 5152 although the trade off is, of course, slightly less desirable methods - I am
keen to retain 'familiar' backworks as far as possible. Perhaps with 2.5 weeks over the fertile composing period of the 
Christmas holidays I will hopefully have made a bit more progress to report in the New Year.

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