[r-t] New Alan Reading Composition

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Fri Dec 14 17:52:11 UTC 2012

Alan writes,

> Personally I think there is a difference between cyclic compositions on 8
> and on higher numbers. On higher numbers I think the sort of cyclic affects
> Mark is talking about can be really amazing and so it harder to objectively
> measure "musicality".

Hmm. I agree there is a big difference between the "lower numbers" (by 
which I mean up to 8) and the "higher numbers" (10 bells ringing). I am 
personally convinced that music only really begins with Caters!

But on higher numbers I would say that it is coursing music which 
becomes more important. Yes, the cyclic changes are of course more 
dramatic, but only by degree; on the other hand coursing music is almost 
non-existent on eight, whereas it is dramatically evident on nine and 
up. Or is that just me?

I don't think it's any easier to be objective about music on smaller 
numbers of bells, either. Well, perhaps only in that there ceases to be 
so much of it the fewer bells you ring on. But what one person finds 
pleasant and would strive for in a composition another will ignore, in 
exactly the same way as on higher number.

Definitely not trying to knock your compositions b the way Alan. In fact 
almost the reverse - it just seemed wrong that potentially very musical 
leads were being singled out as having no music!


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