[r-t] New Alan Reading Composition

Philip Earis Earisp at rsc.org
Fri Dec 14 16:30:18 UTC 2012

"Personally I think there is a difference between cyclic compositions on 8 and on higher numbers. On higher numbers I think the sort of cyclic affects Mark is talking about can be really amazing and so it harder to objectively measure "musicality". On 8 bells however I think 4-bell runs have greater importance and in any case the full set of 4-bell runs includes most of the spectacular special cases of "cyclic music". Of course the fact the composition is an exact cyclic 8-part with all the 4-bell runs automatically implies changes like 81234576"

Indeed - MBD has just gone off at a somewhat wild tangent here - as you infer, the way to convince him is not to try to persuade him to a different world-view, but instead to persuade him that your (the correct) world view converges on his.  Such is the way with clever minds... :-)


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