[r-t] BellBoard compositions

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Sun Feb 5 14:47:26 UTC 2012

As many people will be aware we added the ability to store 
compositions on BellBoard last week, and users have 
gradually been adding them.

In addition to being able to store a textual representation 
of the composition, we also allow you to upload a 
machine-readable representation.  At the moment this has to 
be in a Siril-like format, e.g. Microsiril, Sirilic or 
GSiril.  If there are other commonly used proof formats, it 
would probably be possible to add support for them too, but 
I'm not currently familiar with any others.

The advantage of providing machine-readable composition is 
it allows us to do a lot more with it.  At the moment, for 
example, we use it to prove the composition, check that it 
is the correct length, and do some rudimentary musical 
analysis.  It would be easy to add other such things if they 
would be useful.

Musical analysis is, at present, only done for touches 
shorter than an extent, and simply checks for a few named 
rows (queens, tittums, and reverse rounds) and counts CRUs 
and 4-bell runs.  It is trivial to add further types of 
musical analysis and I would be interested in what people 
would find useful.

Does this the sort of thing that will be useful?


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