[r-t] What is a 'regular' method

Matthew Frye matthew at frye.org.uk
Mon Feb 6 17:13:30 UTC 2012

On 6 Feb 2012, at 07:26, Alex Hunt wrote:
> Criteria 5 & 6 might benefit from an exception for lead heads.
> Plain Bob at odd stages should be saved from being "irregular!.

Well, I think this (and the rest of the thread) shows the utter futility of attempting to set in stone what is "regular". It also shows the futility of trying to set a single set of rules (for anything) that apply equally well across many stages/types of method.
Plain bob triples is *obviously* a regular method, but I don't think many would think of surprise minor methods with 4 blows in one position as regular.

I think you are really best describing precisely what you mean by regular each time you use it unless it is obvious from context, eg "41 regular surprise minor".


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