[r-t] challenge: Brunel, Cabot, Birmingham Carter (off list)

Hayden Charles hcharles at grandsire.co.uk
Wed Jan 25 17:58:22 UTC 2012

I know little of serious theory, so hesitate sending to the list, but 
there has not been much response to Ander's challenge. I had a look at 
lower stages.

A fairly brute-force search came up with this 3-part touch for triples:

  6421375 Cabot
  1764253 Brunel
  5471632 Cabot
  3145726 Cabot
  1526374 BirCar
  7651243 Cabot
  1476532 Brunel
  3641725 Cabot
  2163457 Cabot
  1357246 BirCar
  4731562 Cabot
  1647325 Brunel
  2761453 Cabot
  5172634 Cabot
  1234567 BirCar
180 rows ending in 1234567

all methods as in Ander's message.

Start is a full Q six.

There were more triples 3-parts with these part ends but this was the 
shortest, I think.

Looking a caters, with just changes of method and no calls, I think that 
it is not possible to get out of course course ends. Or maybe I am just 
being dim.

Hayden Charles

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