[r-t] challenge: Brunel, Cabot, Birmingham Carter

Alexander Holroyd holroyd at math.ubc.ca
Thu Jan 19 19:49:31 UTC 2012

These 3 cinques principles form an interesting set.  Denoting
S = E. (slow six)
Q = E. (quick six)
S*= E.3.1.E.1.3 (slow six with E in middle)
Q*= E.1.3.E.3.1 (quick " )
they can be expressed as:
Birmingham Carter	S Q*
Brunel			Q S*
Cabot			Q Q*

The other natural member of the set, S S*, is an unnamed method with two 
hunt bells (not a principle), although there is nothing particularly wrong 
with it.

They all have the same rather appealing backwork, and unlike stedman, each 
has only one front work, so the cousing order is not disrupted.  The front 
works generate some interesting muscial combinations.

It seems to me that these methods deserve more attention.  Of course, they 
work on other stages too.

How about some nice peal compositions of these 3 (or 4) spliced?  The 
natural way would be to change methods in a way that does not disrupt the 
backwork.  Two possibilities (among others) might be: (1) fairly long 
blocks of one method, with standard calls, hopefully exploiting the music 
of each; (2) lots of changes of method, and no other calls.

What can people come up with?


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