[r-t] Conducting Triples

Rob Weatherby bobthefatman at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 19 12:40:07 UTC 2012

Hi Everyone,
I am a competent doubles conductor and have not really moved on the realm of conducting triples (can ring it easily) guess since I ring in a 6 bell tower.
I would like to conduct a grandsire triples QP and have no understanding what specific calling positions actually mean and looking for a basics 101 explanation of this.
Also what would people suggest as the easiest calling for a novice to call?
I found this on the internet and to my untrained eye being a 10-part
- 752634 1
- 527634 4
- 275634 4
ten part
s for - halfway and end 
but don't understand this as this.
Can anyone help translate it into simple english.
Help will be much appreciated.
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