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B. Annable's peal (or the one ascribed to him) is of the Wrong and Middle
most courses sort, with singles halfway and end. The Clavis Campanalogia 
(1788?) gives it and Holt's peal, and says definitely the Annable's peal
pre-dated Holt's. 

Holt's peal with bobs only also appears in his broadsheet, together with
Holt's Original, 10-part, 6-part etc.  

The comp for the 1715 peal is (I think)  unknown, but the Grandsire
Triples peal in 1718 is true, so the odds are quite good that Garthon
managed to get PB7 right. It is possible that he pre-invented Annable's

The 1690 peal is not so well documented. Is there a peal board? Who would
have composed the peal, and was there anything known about their

 On Thu 14/06/12 9:44 PM , Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com sent:
  Simon Humphrey wrote:

 > Didn't Annable produce a bobs-only composition in the 18th century?
 > In fact, wasn't bobs-only PB7 the first peal ever rung?

 I assume you're referring to the 1715 peal at Mancroft, 
 rather than the possible 1690 peal at Seps. I'd be 
 interested to see the 1715 composition, if anyone has it. 
 I know that some of John Garthon's compositions have 
 survived, but I've not seen that specific one.


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