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Thanks. I am not surprised that H.Hubbard had already composed the

I looked into St.Simon's Triples compositions in the 1990s, following
a number of failed peal attempts of it at Hamilton NZ over a long
weekend. The composition that we tried had a lot of consecutive bobs,
W,H,M and the bells in the front got mixed up too often. Had the
conductor chosen something like Hubbard's 10-part, we might of had a
better chance. As it happened, we never got another chance, and I filed
the compositions away.  

I don't think that I looked in Ropesight at the time.    

 As far as adapting Plain Bob to St Simon's goes, this is usually
possible, but not necessarily the other way. 

There are compositions based on bob courses of St. Simons, which are not
convertible into PB. 




 On Fri 15/06/12 7:11 PM , "Robin Woolley" robin at robinw.org.uk sent:
  Hi All,

 It seems most churlish to point out that Robert Bennett's five part is 
 actually a rotation of the reversal of Hubbard's at p91 of Ropesight.

 At *first* thought, it should be that any reversal of a comp. for group
 methods should be true to group 'q' - but first thoughts can often be
 The two Hubbard single-less peals are reversals as I remarked before.

 Best wishes

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