[r-t] Conducting Triples

Daniel Brady danielw.brady at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 13:08:28 UTC 2012

I would suggest that the 10 part is actually going to be more tricky than
it looks, because while the 2 is fixed for the first half, you swap it with
the three for the second half, this means you have no "fixed" bell to call
it from and it's not that easy to "hang your hat on" the course ends either.

I would suggest the bog standard one which is:

s 762453 2
s 357246 2
   573246 4
   753246 4
   467523 2
   354267 1*
six part call single for bob * in parts 3 and 6

This is pspspppbpppbpb(b)  with the bracketed call being a single in pts 3
& 6.

This composition keeps the 4,6 & 7 fixed at every part end, rotating the 2,
3 & 5, then the single halfway and end swaps the 2 & 3 over.

This is really easy to call from any of the fixed bells, also if you have
any "shaky" ringers you could put them on the other fixed ones where you
can keep and eye on them!
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