[r-t] Conducting Triples

Benjamin Constant bdconstant at qma.eclipse.co.uk
Tue Jun 19 17:07:21 UTC 2012

Some explanation of calling Grandsire Triples can be found here:

The "bog standard" QP of Grandsire Triples suggested by Daniel is quite
pretty musically.   This one or the 1260 suggested by Rob both have the
advantage of offering a lighter observation bell (4th or 5th respectively)
should you not want to ring the 6th or 7th.  The 1288 is easy to call but
rather monotonous.

The following 1260 by Sean D Smith is relatively straightforward, with the
exception that you have to remember to substitute sbbs (at consecutive
leads) for the first bob of any two parts (parts 2 & 4 are recommended).

    234567  Call 7th:-
[-] 752634  In
 -  347265  Out at 2
 s  253647  s Home
 -  342576  Wrong
 s  563742  s Middle
 -  425376  Wrong
 s  364725  s Middle
 -  423657  Home
Six-part; call s--s for [-] in parts 2 & 4.

Contains all 24 567s (12 each at handstroke and backstroke), 18 756s, 19
46s, 17 74s.

One advantage of this composition is that the bob at the end of the first
part can be omitted giving a true touch 195 changes; this provides the
opportunity to practise the calling beforehand.  It's also quite adequate
for half-muffled ringing, with half of the 567 roll-ups occurring at


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