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Surprisingly, I quite like this!

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On Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 12:34 PM, Matt Dawson <matt.dawson at cantab.net> wrote:
> How about a cyclic 7-part with a lead of Superlative in that coursing
> order in each part?

Something like this? (Pace Philip and Glint, who won't like that
course being run through a Cuisinart.) For whatever it's worth, it
also contains, in the penultimate part,  the central lead of the plain
course of Superlative, trite though that may be.

5,152 Spliced Surprise Major (8 methods)
  2345678  Superlative
  5738264  Cambridge
- 7864523  Bristol
  6758342  Bristol
- 5678342  Pudsey
  8462537  Pudsey
- 4237856  Cambridge
  7526483  Superlative
  6853742  Cambridge
  3482675  Cambridge
  2745368  Lincolnshire
- 7568234  London
  6725483  Rutland
  2647358  Yorkshire
- 6758234  Yorkshire
  8374625  Pudsey
- 3425867  Superlative
- 4567382  Rutland
  6435278  Pudsey
  5748623  London
- 6457382  Lincolnshire
  7842635  Rutland
  4768523  Superlative
- 7823456
Repeat six times.
Contains 896 each Cambridge, Pudsey and Superlative, 672 Rutland
and 448 each Bristol, Lincolnshire, London and Yorkshire,
with 126 changes of method and all the work of every method for
every bell.
Contains 16 5678s, etc.; 15 8765s, etc.; 6 8765s, etc. off the front; 5
5678s, etc. off the front; queens; Whittingtons; and back rounds.
Also contains three backstroke 87s.

Don Morrison <dfm at ringing.org>
"There was a time I could rattle off about 25 phone numbers from
memory. Now I know about four because they're all in my phone. Those
numbers in my head have been replaced by all the #$@% passwords we
all have to know to access everything from bank accounts to iTunes."
      -- Ed Bouchette, _Pittsburgh Post-Gazette_, 28 April 2011

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