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> From: "Richard Allton" <rchat at allton.org.uk>
> Giles Thompson's Compleat Cambridge of 1997 gives the 5600 un-shortened 
> by C Middleton, first rung to Cambridge at Benington ending with 3H in 
> Richard
> >I hadn't heard that but Jasper Snowdon in his 'Standard Methods' said 
> it had been composed independantly by Middleton and Henry Johnson, but
> >Middleton's was published first (1845) therefore deserves claim.
> >Eddie
8       4D5-28B OK      11 Feb 1873     Cambridge Surprise Major
CB iii.151; CR 153; BL 22.ii.73


Perhaps this was when it was first rung to London:
14      2C5-304 OK      11 Oct 1849     London Surprise Major
(5,600) CY; CR 141; CR 627

The rules & regulations of the Ancient Society of College Youths, London

On the lltii
October, 1849, 5,600 changes of London Surprise Major at
St. Mary's, Woolwich, previous to which there had been only
one peal rung in the method, viz., 5,280 at Norwich.

Andrew Johnson

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