[r-t] Compositions on BellBoard

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Thu Aug 22 18:13:15 UTC 2013

I hope no-one minds me using the list to ask this.

As some of you will know, it's possible to upload 
machine-readable versions of compositions to performances on 
BellBoard.  These are written in MicroSiril format (or my 
GSiril format with which it is largely compatible), and 
BellBoard uses this information to prove the composition and 
do rudimentary musical analysis on it.

An example of such a composition is this peal by PGK Davies 
of the standard eight:


Or a slightly more sophisticated example where the code is 
also used to generate the human-readable version is this 
quarter of Stedman Triples by Andrew Johnson:


However, and the reason I'm writing this email, this 
facility is not being used all that much.  You can get a 
complete index to the machine-proved compositions here:


(That page is not yet linked in from the site.)

I'm trying to understand why relatively few performances get 
added.  Are users unaware of it?  Is there just lack of 
demand for this facility?  Is it not easy enough to use? And 
in a similar vein, does anyone have any good ideas of other 
things that we can do with the compositions as we build up 
the collection?


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