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> Interestingly both peals had an umpire, as do all the handbell peals
> from that era in the YACR reports.
> Simon
> Possibly of more interest to another list, but:
Umpires used to be required for all handbell peals; I don't know when the
CC restricted the requirement to record attempts, someone with more time
than me can trawl through the archives of CC reports to find out.  Perhaps
people were less trusting then, or more sceptical about the claimed
capabilities of handbell ringers (think of the controversy over the first
peal of London in hand, in 2004, which some people refused to credit on the
grounds that it was manifestly impossible).

When Matthew Sorell was searching recently for the late Fred Smeaton's name
in 1920s/30s RWs, Fred popped up as an umpire to a handbell peal (rung by
the Richardsons and the Hairs, such were the circles that Fred moved
in). The next peal on the same page, also umpired, was one of Plain Bob
Major on 23/2/30, again including the Richardsons, and with the ringers on
5-6 and 7-8 ringing their first handbell peal in the method.  The footnote
stated 'Great credit is due to the ringers of 5-6 and 7-8 for the way in
which they rang their bells'.  They were George W Pye and William Pye.

I have rung two umpired handbell peals, though both were ordinary length -
we were ringing silent and non-conducted in tribute to a similar
performance 50 years earlier, and Bill Perrins felt we should do it

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