[r-t] Compositions on BellBoard

Simon Humphrey sh53246 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 23 09:55:18 UTC 2013

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As some of you will know, it's possible to upload machine-readable versions
of compositions to performances on BellBoard.  These are written in
MicroSiril format (or my GSiril format with which it is largely compatible),
and BellBoard uses this information to prove the composition and do
rudimentary musical analysis on it.
. . .
I'm trying to understand why relatively few performances get added.  
. . .


I didn't find it very clear from the webpage what the machine-readable
version  (MRV) would be used for, and have so far only supplied
human-readable versions (HRV).
I do still use MicroSiril to prove things on 8 and above, so I suppose I
could set up Msiril MRVs to produce HRVs and submit them instead, but I
don't because it's a bit of a pain to produce formatted printable output
with Msiril.

I imagine the number of compositions on Bellboard without MRVs must be very
large by now.  Could these be made into a searchable database?  A large
database of true compositions that are actually being rung would be an
invaluable resource, if it could be easily searched, like Don Morrison's
collection for instance.  Though one thing that would mitigate against using
BellBoard for this is that it is often appallingly slow - using it at 6am
this morning, for instance, it was generally taking well over half a minute
to respond.

Talking of composition databases, ISTR efforts being made some time ago to
produce MRVs from HRVs.  Did anything come of this?  It would be useful to
have an automated proof of all HRVs submitted to Bellboard.

If BellBoard could create an MRV for every HRV on the database it could then
generate the actual rows rung and use these rows as a unique ID for each
composition.  Then when a new performance with just an HRV is submitted, as
well as proving it Bellboard could check whether the composition already
existed and provide a link if so.  


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