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Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Fri Aug 23 12:39:53 UTC 2013


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 SimonH wrote:
 > ...Could these be made into a searchable database?  

	I have been working on an online version of Composition Library
http://complib.changeringing.co.uk/ [1] for the last 2 years, and its
development is well advanced. It has a searchable MRF database that
allows compositions to be found for a method, regardless of whether
they were published for it. The MRF aspect is hidden from users,
although I do intend to produce an XML schema interface in due course
for composition interchange in the same way as the existing Method XML
schema. Composers will be able to add composition in HRV and reference
methods from Composition Library's own method database that is already
comprehensively implemented (blue lines, properties, classification,
references, FCHs etc), containing all methods in CCCBR and
provisional collections. New methods and compositions can be added in
a way that is private to the user until they are ready to publish
(e.g. after it has been rung).
 > Talking of composition databases, ISTR efforts being made some
 > time ago to  produce MRVs from HRVs.

	I understand that MBD has a text composition parser which I hope to
make use of in due course to help populate Composition Library.

	With regard to Bellboard, I hope that in due course we could
implement a two interface whereby Bellboard can reference
compositions in Composition Library and Composition Library can
reference performances in Bellboard (for method first rung,
composition first rung etc). If this is successful, storing an MRF
composition in Bellboard may ultimately become unnecessary. It would
be relatively straightforward to develop a MicroSiril export from
Composition Library if there was sufficient demand.  


[1] http://complib.changeringing.co.uk/
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