[r-t] Different ways of using 7 parts

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Thu Dec 5 21:37:17 UTC 2013

Tom wrote:

> One disadvantage to 7 part atw compositions is that the tenors spend
> many leads apart. However, I was thinking the other day that it should
> be possible to create 7 parts where the tenors spend a much greater time
> together. Theoretically this is simply done by having only befores (or
> sB/s3, if singles are necessary) called in each part. If this is done,
> the tenors only spend 2 parts wildly apart. Extending this concept, one
> could then omit these split parts to easily obtain compositions of
> pseudo-tenors-together compositions of spliced, most of which are atw.

This is good thinking Tom. What would be even better is if you could make
the parts long enough not to need padding. If you could create a 31 lead
part, then five full parts with two parts of a single lead would give you
exactly a 5024. With at least two leads of each method per part, you might
get up to 15 methods atw. That would be very neat if it were possible!


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