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	Can you provide the PN for the methods and calls? I have just moved
house, so can't find any reference books!  

	Often helps to consider the methods and variations separately.
Do the methods splice together (e.g are they 2,3,4 or 6-lead
splices)? As I recall, Wallflower single is a long call and is usually
a two-lead splice with most of the methods it is used with.
Old Hudibras single is a short call, (again, as I remember) so does
not involve any splicing considerations.

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Is anyone able to provide/produce a 120 of Spliced Gold & Melchior
Doubles? They're variations - Westminster II with Old Hudibras
Singles, and Maltby B with Wallflower Singles respectively. If it
isn't possible, a 240 or 360 would also do. Thanks in advance for any
Alex Tatlow. 
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