[r-t] New Alan Reading Composition

Philip Earis Earisp at rsc.org
Wed Feb 27 12:56:37 UTC 2013

On 8th December, I mentioned Alan Reading's magnificent new 8-part major compositions containing all 480 runs of 4 consecutive bells at the front or back (see snip below).

Having subsequently rung the composition, I remain bowled over by its properties and the skill to put it together.

It's not immune to tweaking, though. There is a bit of an excess of right-place features, especially in the underworks with a repeated motif of 5 dodges in 1-2.  The methods are pretty elegant stand-alone, but I'd like to see a slight diversity of method constructions to help things flow a bit more distinctively (obviously whilst retaining the musical properties)

My instinct would be to swap Cornubia for eg &x3x4x2x3.4x4., 1 which has a neat grid. I suspect Bank and Portwall could be tweaked too.  I know how rage-inducing it can be to see other people bludgeon around with your compositional babies, though, so I wonder if Alan has any plans in this regard?

Yesterday Alan Reading conducted a new peal of his creation which must rank as one of the most musical, best spliced major compositions yet devised. See <http://www.bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=195673>
5088 Spliced Major (12 Methods)
A G Reading
 12345678 Seven Stars DLH
-28175634 Knights Templar S
 26748315 Bank D
 24637581 Commercial Rooms S
-27815634 Cornubia D
 26147385 Portwall S
 24631578 Old Fish Market D
 23456817 Dunster S
-21785634 Prairial D
 28167453 Bridge LTB
 27513846 Apple D
 26841375 Apple D
 25374168 Bridge LTB
 24638517 Prairial D
-25346781 Dunster S
 21784653 Llandoger Trow D
 26831574 Portwall S
 23658417 Cornubia D
-24536781 Commercial Rooms S
 28167534 Bank D
 26851473 Knights Templar S
 8 Part

 512 each Apple D, Bank D, Commercial Rooms S, Cornubia D,  Dunster S, Knights Templar S, Portwall S, Prairial D;
 256 each Bridge LTB, Llandoger Trow D, Old Fish Market D;
 224 Seven Stars DLH; 159 com, atw for all 8 bells.

Bank D: f -36-6-56-1-4-5-6-3
Bridge LTB: b 3-36.1-5-34
Commercial Rooms S: c -36-456-5-6-4-5-34-3 Cornubia D: l -3-4-2-1-2-5-36-5 Knights Templar S: e -36-4-2-6.34-34.5.6-36.5 Llandoger Trow D: l -5-4.5.2-1-4-5-34-5 Portwall S: m -3-6-256-3-34-5-36-1 Old Fish Market D: f -5-4.5.2-1-4-5-34-5 Seven Stars DLH: 2z -5-4.5-5-4-5-36-


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