[r-t] Bristol Maximus peal compositions

Philip Earis Earisp at rsc.org
Wed Jan 16 15:43:59 UTC 2013

It's interesting to see new ideas appearing in tenors-together Bristol Maximus compositions - a field which is not exactly unploughed.

Alan Reading rang a new composition a few days ago (http://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/comp.php?id=3812), which has the attractive feature of little-bell rollups appearing in each lead:

5184 Bristol Surprise Maximus
A G Reading
M/10ths   W   H/12ths 23456
   -             s    34562
                 -    53462
   s      -          (64523)
   s             s    35264
   ss            s    53624
   s                  64523
   -             -    35426
          -      ss   23456

7 56's and 5 65's
158 little bell rollups at the back.
148 little bell rollups off the front.
Every lead of the peal contains at least one little bell rollup front or back.

The use of 12345T calls gives scope for interesting possibilities.  Indeed, Alan's composition isn't so different from this 2-part DJP composition we rang in Feb 2011 (http://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=16972), which I flagged up here: http://www.bellringers.net/pipermail/ringing-theory_bellringers.net/2011-February/003741.html.  The composition has only 10 calls in the whole peal, and all good courses (incorporating tittums courses rather than looking to maximise little-bell runs).

23456  M  W  H
32546        s
43526     -
65432  -s    S
2 part
s = 2345
S = 23456

Other new arrangements of Bristol Max compositions are also appearing.  I understand David Maynard called a new creation of his a couple of weeks ago using 8ths place bobs to good effect. Perhaps someone could send the composition - it doesn't appear to be online.


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